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Xem Nhiều 6/2023 # Cooking Fever Mod Apk/Ios ( Unlimited Coins/ Gems ) # Top 12 Trend

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Cooking Fever Mod Apk/Ios ( Unlimited Coins/ Gems ) mới nhất trên website Karefresh.com. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất.

If you are fond of cooking simulation games, then this is it. The Cooking Fever game was developed by Nordcurrent. The game is a sure wonder, where players manage various restaurants and make foods, drinks and serve customers. Players are required to upgrade their kitchen appliances and interiors to go up the levels.

Cook up A Storm Today with our Cooking Fever mod for Android and IOS. Get unlimited Gold Coins and unlimited Gems resources on your game account right away after you open the mod apk on your device.

Cooking Fever MOD App Information:

The game was released in 2014 and since its inception, it has been really popular. The game has been downloaded nearly 100 million times since 2017.

There are three modes of the game Cooking Fever. The first level comprises of the City and has 10 restaurants. The second level will take you to Paradise Island and features 9 restaurants. The next few levels will keep appearing as you cross the levels. Each of the restaurants has 40 levels.

There is a certain minimum score to get promoted to the next level. You earn bonuses and points as you conquer each level. Apart from that, you have the option of earning gems and coins from real money. In total, there are almost 27 locations. This game can get really addicting.

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Cooking Fever MOD Features:

Unlimited Gold Coins

Unlimited Gems

Free to download

Totally Safe

Cooking Fever Mod file is very easy to install


No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About Cooking Fever Gameplay

Cooking Fever is the best game ever. You can cook tasty meals, desserts and win over the world. It is a free habit-forming and a time management game. This is the best and as you proceed forward into the game, you stand to win more.

How to Play Cooking Fever?

You have a guide to follow. There are numerous tricks that you need to engage in, to play the game. You need to have lots of ingredients, to move forward into the game. You get to experiment with a whole lot of appliances. Cook pizzas, rice and desserts in a jiffy. Use the best of appliances and stand chances to win the game. You have to think out of the box, with these simulation and time management games. The game can seem quite difficult at times. It is a multi-player game, giving you the much-needed assistance to play the best game.

You need to face challenges while inside the game. You get rewards, by facing all these challenges. You need coins and gems to make sure, all your customer’s needs are present in the restaurant.

Download Cooking Fever MOD IOS

Download Cooking Fever MOD IOS

Ever wondered, how you can attract more customers?

You need to decorate your restaurant to attract more customers.

Make your gifts, like cookies and cupcakes that will give a more customized and memorable experience.

You have the liberty to upgrade your kitchen and win more.

When you update your interiors and features, you stand to win more coins and gems.

There is more in store for you. You can share the dishes that you make with your beautiful Facebook friends.

Getting free gems is not a big thing. Cooking Fever mod will get you success. You need to refine your food, refine the kitchen interiors, upgrade your kitchen and thus improve the mood of your customers and clients. The faster you finish the levels, the game proceeds faster.

Cooking Fever Game Features

You can cook more than 1300 dishes. Use 350 different ingredients to cook up a storm.

There are 27 different locations. You have more than 1400 levels to compete.

You will get great upgrades, all through the game.

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Getting Free Gems

You need a lot of free gems in the game. There are a lot of tips and guides to get that perfect game victory. You can simply download our developed Cooking Fever mod for Android and IOS too, from our website. Get Unlimited Gems and Gold Coins also. Hence never run out of resources ever again.

Reviews – Cooking Fever

There are a whole lot of reviews about the game. You need to check them out to believe them. Also get to know the nuances of the game, through the reviews.

Cooking Fever is a game that has obsessed many. People have been buying gems with real money to proceed further, such is the thrill of the game. There are quite a few updates that promise to give the best experience ever.

It is a fun game, many say. Some people are getting stressed out while trying to get more points. Getting diamonds is a difficult task.

People like you, addicted to the game love this game against all the odds. There is a difficulty of getting gems all the time, you upgrade. Rewards are not that admired though. It freezes all of a sudden though.

A few of the like-minded players like you say, that all three levels were completed quite easily. Some of the players are quite active with the game, having completed 26 restaurants with 3 stars in six months. And that too, without shedding a penny. The game is fun to play with. If you know how to play the game, you can do it without spending a penny. Also, indulge yourself with this newly released Room Flip MOD APK/IOS

Players say, the game is fun and you can definitely reach as far as you want. Also, there are various promotions and that makes winning gems easier. Upgrades come in quite a number of times and that is when you need to purchase additional points.

For many, it has been the first downloaded cooking game ever. They really love the game. The time spent on this game is really worth it. You do not need to spend much effort in the game.

It is a fun game. It progresses fairly quickly. People like you do not money, spending a few pennies when you get stuck in the game. Most people have a lot of fun playing the game.

The graphics are great. The controls are also easy and the best, when mastered.

The game can get addicting at times. You just cannot put it on the back burner. Upgrade and update that is the mantra. The time seems to be getting lengthier, in between winning diamonds, but it is worth it.

The game is really fun. You need to love the game to the core. You cannot simply hate this game ever. Though negative reviews regarding the controls and lengthy timings do deter some. However, once you master the game you can simply win it as many numbers of times. It is a matter of practice! So, download and get going.

How to download Cooking Fever MOD Apk for Android

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod Apk/Ios (Unlimited Coins/ Gems)

Digital gaming has become a craze in India. Most of the young generation, mostly boys are just glued to their mobile phones, playing games. The game world has somewhere taken over the real world. That sometimes can be a problem but is mostly fun. Not only the young generations but the older generations and a few senior citizens too are involved in the gaming world. The games are the best way of passing the time and competing with each other.

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD App Information:

Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD Features:

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Gems

Free to download

Totally Safe

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod file is very easy to install


No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Specifications about the game

You get to design your very own town and personally decorate it as you want. The dark lord, who is supposedly the evil of this game, has brought destruction and darkness in the world. Everything seems to be destroyed. There are survivors but only a few and the desperate survival game amongst the remaining ones is about to begin now.

There are two definite purposes that every player has to meet. The first mission is all about rebuilding the destroyed town. You can rebuild it the way you want to, no restrictions at all. The second mission will only start when you have achieved the first mission. You have got to train dangerous and strong hunters who will fight the monsters of the dark lord.

You get to become the only town chief, instruct, guide and run the town as you want. Manage the construction, sale, and training of your very own hunters. The evil hunter tycoon mod game is very similar to the situations of real life. You need to build and construct places like restaurants, blacksmiths, weapon shops, and infirmary. To train hunters, you first need to invite the hunters.

The hunters keep visiting the town and generally have 4 different classes. You get an option to invite the top hunters. They have got some random characteristics and so you have got to check the characteristics of each hunter. If you have got strong hunters, your town is strong. The stronger the hunters, the more strong are your town.

This game has attracted millions of players from all over the world and is still attracting so many of them. It is a real-time game that will continue even when you are not playing the game. Your hunters and dungeons will keep getting trained despite you doing some other work. Go on and download it.

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD IOS

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD IOS

Features of the game

There are a few specific features of the evil hunter tycoon which attract the players the most. Here are some of the features, listed down briefly.

You can forage and modify your hunter’s weapons and types of equipment

You can teach your hunters some secret tricks and techniques.

The hunters get a level up by training

You get to train dungeons.

Receive rare materials and treasures after training the dungeons.

Design your own unique town

The hunters have 33 different personalities

Go monster hunting with your trained hunters

You grow stronger level by level

Unique and amazing graphics.

These were some of the most interesting and major features of the Evil Hunter Tycoon mod. You go on learning special traits and techniques to train your hunters.

Logic more than luck

In the evil hunter tycoon, you need to use your logic and brains and depend less on luck. It is true that a little bit of luck is required in every game but more of logic is required here. It all depends on how you train your hunters and dungeons to fight the monsters of the dark lord. You need to use the right technique and tricks to train them and win. You have got the responsibility of humanity. It is in your hands now. Go, use your logic and save the world.


When we talk about levels, the evil hunter tycoon has got so many interesting and gripping levels which will just take your breath away. It is based on various rounds. You just need to focus on the game and your techniques. The strategies that you apply should be unique and different from that of other players.

Before you make your hunters learn the techniques, you need to learn some of them too. You have got the PVP battle and blow the horn when you are the only one standing in the field as the winner. You have got to save the world from the dark lord and win humanity back. So what are you waiting for? Go download this amazing and deadly game, the evil hunter tycoon mod now and play it along with your friends.

Evil Hunter Tycoon APK Gameplay:

How to download Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD Apk for Android

Family Island Mod Apk/Ios Unlimited Gems, Energy And Stars

Family Island MOD App Information:

It is releasing very soon and if you want to learn about its interesting features then go through this article thoroughly.

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Family Island MOD Features:

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Stars

Free to download

Totally Safe

Family Island Mod file is very easy to install


No need to root or jailbreak your device!

In the Family Island game, a player will have to guide the family and make their living easy on the deserted island. The family has got no resource with them and thus it is the player who needs to do all the needful. He will have to take them through various tough situations and help them sustain the harshness of life.

The family earlier resided in a good city that had all the things required for leading a comfortable life. But unfortunately, it got devastated by the molten lave thrown out by the volcanic mountains. Thus they are left with nothing of theirs and are completely helpless. The family does not retain anything they possessed earlier and needs to start all over again from scratch.

This family needs help to build a locality in which they can start living happily like before. They are left extremely disappointed in their separation with their folks and all they want is to get back all of them. So the player needs to help them out in reconnecting to their tribe and start afresh in the new place.

The whole setup of the game looks extremely plain and simple as it is not touched by the goodness of technology. But that does not stop the life of the characters that can be found within. These characters will face all the challenges that are faced in real life. This is why the player will be able to relate to them completely and gain interest in the game from the very beginning.

Family Island is an out and out farming game that is filled with a lot of thrilling elements and exciting factors. It will take the player for a ride that contains brilliantly designed twists and turns that are extremely addicting. He will be able to develop the estranged island is such a way that it looks completely new and fresh.

The player will get to cultivate crops and grow vegetables. He will have to cook meals with those that he has grown in his land. The old shack can be nicely built into a good house. Apart from all of these, the player can explore the whole of the island and discover its beauty. The game is coming to the play store very soon and will take all of you for a very exciting and thrilling journey.

Download Family Island MOD IOS

Download Family Island MOD IOS Features of the game

The game starts from an island that is completely deserted and all needs to be started from scratch

There is a family consisting of four members who need to be guided to set up their life all over again

A player will be able to experience the time period of the Stone Age

He needs to use his creative skills for building a locality out of the estranged island

The player will have to grow crops and vegetables that will be needed for the survival of the family members

He will have to implement the ancient technologies of farming as no new-age technology has reached the island

Family Island will help the player explore the whole island that is full of exciting elements

He needs to build all those things that will be required for living and will also have to involve other members in the whole process

The things crafted by the player can be used for trading with other members of the game in exchange for something useful

A player can decorate his garden and upgrade it with various elements

He will get to learn about the family in details as the game proceeds

The player will have to face all the challenges that will be thrown at him in the course of time

Interesting gameplay

Family Island mod has got a very interesting gameplay. This game is extremely easy to play and can be played by people of any age. The graphics are out of the world and thus the game can be visualized brilliantly. All the characters look very real and the island looks beautiful addressing each and every minute detail. A player will be able to relate to the characters and the situations as they are similar to that of the real world.

The story of the game is very interesting and there are a lot of fun elements in it. All of these together will keep the player hooked to the game from the very beginning. If you want to experience the excitement from the first day itself then you should register right now. Family Island mod is releasing very soon and if you pre-register then you will be eligible for all the fun that is accompanying it. So hurry up and start doing the needful to get the game on your phone.

How to download Family Island MOD Apk for Android

Archero Mod Apk Latest Unlimited Money &Amp; Gems


Are you a shooting game lover and wish to provide some entertainment to yourself by experiencing real action on your android device. Then we provide you a source for this which is Archero Mod Apk. Just imagine an archer under your complete control who is firing arrows on the enemies coming in the way of your progress. Different kinds of maps, sceneries and environment that will impress you and unseen monsters at every stage and in different rooms will make you full of joy with amazement.

Yes, you are right I am talking about the archery action game the Archero. A game introduced by Habby. It is extremely interesting game that makes you play for long periods of time. Enter into a world full of dangers and enemies that will show no mercy. Non ending groups of enemies and monsters which will keep on increasing in numbers, powers and skills at the same instant. To tackle such enemies your archer must have such tactics and hidden weapons by which he can fight and defeat them.

To improve your skills and weapons kit you need money and gems which are very hard to earn and without those these facilities would be absent and your archer will be prone to die soon. Now what to do…?

Don’t worry; here is the solution; which is Archero Mod Apk. Unlimited sources of Gems and Money are provided here without investing a single penny. Enjoy yourself by inventing enormous combinations of skills which all have been designed to make you survive in this game. So keep moving on to next stages by killing your enemies with your arrows, weapons and skills.

So what are you waiting for? Just download and install Archero Mod Apk and experience the enormous joy and unlimited entertainment.

What is Archero Mod Apk

Archero Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Archero game which has been mod by some unknown programmers and now this can be used free of cost without paying a single penny in this regard. Here you will get max hp, enormous gems and all the talent unlocked. You can kill all evil animals in only one shot, infinite gems for upgrades and all the items in unlocked state, this mode is full of marvelous features.

What you can do with Unlimited Archero mod Apk:

Get unlimited gems without the completion of missions

Experience invisible and powerful weapons absolutely free

Get enormous coins for upgrades

Enjoy a real-like 2D action in a low-end device

Take all world unlocked

Make your strategies to defeat evil waves

In this game, you will be the only Archer of your kingdom whom has to fight with enemies till the last bow you have. Form strategies and use obstacles properly to fight with the approaching waves of evil. They are unlimited and will not end until they defeat you. So your archer must have to fight with the enemies till his last bow to save your kingdom and to become a hero.

Feartures of Archero mod Apk

Unlimited money

Another most amzing feature is the limitless money of Archero mod apk. As it is obvious that coins or money is needed for unlocking the talents. There are 9 unlocked talents that can be utilized by spending money. Every talent takes 200 coins to get unlocked.

There is no doubt that one can earn coins by killing monsters and fulfilling chapters. But it will need a lot of work and time. But by using Archero mod unlimited money apk one can attain limitless coins which can be used later for upgrading his/her character’s up.

Do you want to be invincible so that no one can beat you or defeat you. Then Archero mod Apk will provide you god mode. After using this mod, you become undefeatable and no upcoming evil wave can get victory from you. This Archero god mod Apk also has a deep destruction feature. This means you can kill any of your enemies in just one hit.

Unlimited Gems

So in this Archero mod Apk one gets gems without any limit, which can be spent whenever you want. Even these gems can be used to increase the energy level of your archer.

New Monsters

Archero game has one more quality that you find a new monster at every level. All monsters have their no matching matchless powers and you have to kill all the monsters to become a hero of your kingdom. There are thousands of monsters which you have never seen, who will attack you with their distinctive powers like some will inflict damage to you by just touching you or by throwing bows at you.

One can utilize obstacles to keep oneself safe from them or one can upgrade a weapon to fight and defeat them. These mosters can come from any side likefrom left, right, back or front. So you must be ready for the attack from any side.

All Weapons Unlocked

As it is known that after the completion of every level an angel comes and asks for your wish. So you have one choice of either increase your weapon damage or to improve health. But here in Archero mod apk you will find invisible guns unlocked feature.

This means your gun can shoot more than one arrow with a disastrous damage to the enemy.

How To Download and Install Archero Mod Apk

It can be supposed that you have read all the features of Archero Mod Apk and now anxious to download it. Here are some step by step instructions so by following those one can easily download it.

Step 3: go to File Manager now, and open your downloaded. If it is the first time to install an application on your device then permission for doing this may be sought.

Every application has its own peculiar benefits and drawbacks that distinguish it from other apps of its cadre and make it attractive to the users to be get downloaded by the users and installed on their devices. Here are some pros and cons of Archero Mod Apk.

Pros Cons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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